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Traveller Error Shuts Down Munich

A young man from Spain involuntarily triggered a security alert at Munich airport last week after walking through the wrong door on his way to catch a Madrid flight.

The man, who is reported to be aged between 20 and 25 years old, was on his way home after spending his vacation in Thailand and has said he was “horrified” at the outcome of his mistake during a stopover in Munich. He said that he went to the bathroom after stepping off a flight from Bangkok, and by the time he left the men’s room all the other passengers had gone. Disoriented, he began walking in the wrong direction as he tried to find his connecting flight to Madrid. He eventually pressed a button opening emergency doors to the restricted area reserved for passengers who have gone through a security check.

As a result 130 flights were cancelled, causing numerous delays at one of Germany’s busiest airports, which was partially shut down for four hours. The Spaniard could face criminal proceedings over the incident.

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El Pais: Spaniard “horrified” after causing 130 flight cancellations at Munich airport

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