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Teneweed Race Training

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Teneweed Race is happening on SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER and we want you to take part!! Pick a team name and sign up with your registration fee at Teneweedfe San Isidro by Friday 22 November!

Have You Heard about the Teneweed Race?

It's a game (competition) that will soon take place

You need to get together a team of four

To search the island of Tenerife - starting in San Isidro

With a team name, and registration

You will be ready for the competition

Have your team name ready when you sign up,

And have your fee too, of 80 bucks,

we need to know your team name the day before

That's by 22 November - at 9pm we close the door,

Some important things for you to know

At least TWO of the team be Teneweedfe SOCIOS.

We think you will need 3 hours minimum

To complete the race, find the clues (and US!) and get some sun!

For those who take less time - extra prizes to be won.

Gasoline for the trip, A drink along the way,

A DAB for the lungs, And barbecue to end the day.

Remember that this is a game,

And you don't need to run,

Just read the clues well,

Be smart and have fun.

The first team to find the Final Place

Will win the Second Teneweedfe Race

So here is a some help to prepare for the game

Just one little clue that may drive you insane

If you figure this out and are the first

You win a Teneweedfe Tshirt

Teneweed Race is this Saturday!

One more round of training before we have to play

One final clue - a treat for you mind!

Lets see if it’s difficult, or if I feel kind:

CLUE 3!!👇🏽


Think of what you now must do

To “re-live” an event or look at what you do.

In this case think of what we did

Or what we planned to do; where we plant the seed.

This game that we are playing now

Was first played in a Tacaronte House

This is training for Teneweed Race

Remember that as you think of the next place

To win the prize this time you must think

Of a specific Teneweedfe link

to the stars, the saints,

the art and the games.

Find the QR code, Quickly, secretly, scan it, take a screenshot and to Rafa to claim your prize.


- make it fun (difficult, same thing!) for everyone.

If you find the winning clue, please do not tell anyone but Rafa - because this is the 3rd Training session, We have 3 prizes to be won! ------------------------------------------------------


The second clue is in Teneweedfe San Isidro It’s somewhere everyone can go Think of the place to find An immediate escape for your mind The keeper has an unusual life - Inside the jersey for a knife.


The first clue is in Teneweedfe San Isidro

is the home of TeneweedFM

All families have a "nickname"

For this occasion - Sr Rafa’s is the same

Everyone can use it, but no one actually can

If you need help with the answer, Bob is your man.

Find the QR code, Quickly, secretly, scan it, take a screenshot and to Rafa to claim your prize. The first person to show Rafa wins!

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