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October Parties and Events in Tenerife 

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

October is here and that means a range of new events taking place in The Canary Islands. Local parties that we know about are listed below. Check back for updates and new events! Look out for the cake 🎂 which shows special Teneweedfe Anniversary Treats!

Updated 17/10/2019 - New events added!!

Saturday 5 October: Adeje Bomberos Oktoberfest Fundraiser in Adeje

Saturday 5 October: 🎂 San Isidro Teneweedfe - Live Weed Drum Sound on TeneweedFM.

Saturday 5 October: Viejos Tiempos - Back to The Old School - Tramps, Las Americas

Monday 7 October: 🎂 San Isidro - Teneweedfe Charity Food Collection

Monday 7 October: Arona - Festividad del Santísimo Cristo de la Salud.

Thursday 10 October: 🎂 NEW SHOW on TeneweedFM! Navigantes at 10PM!!

Friday 11 October to Sunday 20 October: Adeje - Fiestas Patronales de Adeje 2019

Saturday 12 October: Fiesta Nacional de España/Spain Day

Saturday 12 October: 🎂 Teneweedfe Second Anniversary Boat Party!!! Ask for Tickets and Details in club!

Monday 14 October: Adeje - Festividad de Santa Úrsula, Patrona de la Villa

Saturday 19 October: 17th Arona-La Escalona Ascent

Saturday 19 October: San Cristóbal de La Laguna - Manuel Carrasco at Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion Tickets

Sunday 20 October: 17th Arona-La Escalona Ascent

Sunday 20 October:Hiking in Guía de Isora

Monday 21 October: El Tanque - Festividad del Santísimo Cristo del Calvario.

Monday 21 October: Santa Úrsula -Festividad de Santa Úrsula, Patrona del municipio.

Monday 21 October: 🌠 Orionids Meteor Shower - "Look generally north, particularly around the area of the handle of the Plough, the constellation Ursa Major, after midnight".

Friday 25 October: Buenavista Del Norte - Festividad de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios, Patrona de esta Villa.

Friday 25 October: Arona - Tango Show

Saturday 26 Otubre: Isla de La Gomera -Ralley Esprints

Monday 28 October: Arona - The Chicago Experience Tickets

Thursday 31 October 🎂 Teneweedfe Halloweed Las Américas and San Isidro

Thursday 31 October: Santa Cruz de Tenerife - The Magic of Motown Tickets

There is also an exhibition of called “Estar aquí es todo” by Gonzalo González until 20 October at Tenerife Arts Space between 10am-8pm. More information This is just a short list of the events taking place not to mention Teneweedfe Birthday specials that will show up here! Get out and enjoy the beautiful culture of the Tenerife!

Tell us your events so we can add them to this list!

Tenerife - The Island That Parties!

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