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Navegantes: Navigating Music and Culture

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

TeneweedFM is proud to announce the start of a new show - Navegantes!

Hosted by Angela, Navegantes will be airing Thursdays at 10PM (22:00 GMT). It is a show that will take you on an adventure in a new country each week, discovering the music and culture of each place. Angela will be navigating the culture and history of each country, playing their a range of the music, and drops gems of information that have been recommended by people from that place, or experiences and treasures she had while on her travels. The first show aired on Thursday 10 October 2019 at 10PM and starts off in Argentina.

While discussing Argentina, you'll enjoy Tango and folklore, protest music and national rock. There is comment on the history of the country, its roots, multi ethnic that make great cultural diversity and his revolutionary spirit. There is a special section dedicated to cannabis in Argentina.

Check the show profile on the website for more details or to listen to the podcast.


Escuche para conocer a Argentina y a su pueblo viajamos através de la musica. Tango y folclore, musica de protesta y rock nacional. Comentamos sobre la historia del pais, sus raices multi étnicas que hacen a la gran diversidad cultural y su espiritu revolucionário.

Seccion especial dedicada al cannabis en argentina.

Learn more about Navegantes, the show, and Angela by checking the page

The next show will be on Thursday 21 November!


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