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Arthritis Patients Trying Medical Marijuana, a website that provides information about and support for arthritis recently conducted a survey to “understand how their patient community perceives and uses medical marijuana and CBD".

The survey was completed by 1059 patients with arthritis. 57% of those questioned had tried cannabis for their symptoms and more than 90% say it helped . The patients surveyed reported using marijuana or CBD to treat many different symptoms and side effects of living with arthritis, including pain, inability to sleep, depressed moods, nausea and fatigue among others. The results of this survey where presented at the 2019 Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) meeting in Madrid, Spain.

It was interesting to note that only 64% told their doctor. For those who stopped, a factor for both users of marijuana and CBD was expense.

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For more on this report, read this.

57% of Arthritis Patients Have Tried Marijuana or CBD for Medical Reasons (and More than 90% Say It Helped)

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