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Arizona Cannabis Iced Tea?

Arizona Beverage Co. Have reportedly struck a deal with cannabis company Dixie Brands Inc pairing that distinct packaging with an equally distinct sensation. Dixie is known for cannabis (THC) infused products and advocating correct dosage, so teaming up with Arizona Ice Tea may be a charmed idea. The iced teas will be sold in selected dispensaries in USA, before expanding distribution to Canada and Latin America.

Other beverage companies such as Corona brewer Constellation Brands Inc. and Coors Light brewer Molson Coors Brewing Co. have already begun to develop cannabis drinks, but Arizona hopes to be one of the first to officially enter the market.

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For more on this news story check out the report from the Wall Street Journal

Arizona Beverage Co. Habría llegado a un acuerdo con la compañía de cannabis Dixie Brands Inc,

Las empresas matrices de otras marcas de bergantines como Corona y Coors Light ya han comenzado a desarrollar bebidas de cannabis, pero Arizona espera ser la primera en ingresar oficialmente al mercado.

Arizona Iced Tea Maker Turns to Weed

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