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It's hard to be a parent. Not much rest, especially in the early years and you soon have to develop eyes EVERYWHERE! A family ran into trouble on Saturday morning, when a very young little girl managed to get out of your room and spider-man around a hotel building?

Sounds mad right? Well that is exactly what happened on Saturday morning down in Playa Paraiso, South Tenerife (Thought to be in the Paraiso Del Sur apartments). For those of you that havent seen, a lot of hotel rooms have balconies that are joined by a small lip or ledge and those ledges are not built to be walked on. They are thin and extremely dangerous.

(It's hard to see, but the lip is right there)

Holiday makers were horrified on Saturday morning whilst enjoying their croissants and coffee in the sunshine, when they looked up and saw a small child, around 2 or 3 years of age, walking along the ledge that runs around the side of the building, with nothing to stop that child from falling to a certain death.

Since the incident it appears that the family is from Finland and it is understood that the mother was taking a shower whilst the child decided to play outside. Thankfully there was no wind, which is strange for a Saturday morning in Playa Paraiso, as it is typically very windy down there. It hasn't been understood if they have flown home yet or not. Police are still enquiring into the situation and the buildings managers have sent reports to local authorities highlighting the safety issues.

We await to hear further news, but are happy the news is not a LOT WORSE….

If you have any further details, get in touch with us through the app or by email (

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