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After what feels like an eternity, the Canary Islands move out of Phase 2 and into Phase 3 from Monday June 8th. A lot of changes are still to come and below we have tried to outline some of those changes. Lots of members here in Tenerife don't know what the phases mean, so here at Teneweedfe, we are trying to break it down for you -

  • People can now meet at ANY time! The time slots will be eliminated as of Monday! You can now arrange to meet up with friends at any time of the day! You know where you want to meet right?

  • You can now travel between islands, WITHOUT a reason to Travel! You have been able to travel between islands during Phase 2, but you needed a damn good reason to do so.

  • Upto 50 people can attend OUTSIDE Funerals, Burials or Wakes. CLOSED SPACES are still limited to 25 attendees.

  • If you are getting Married, you can now have up to 150 guests as long as your party is outside. If indoors, you are limited to 75.

  • WORSHIP! Places of worship can now operate with 75% capacity

  • Shops can now operate with 50% capacity!

  • Nightclubs and Nightlife bars are still to remain closed!

  • Bars and Restaurants can now allow people to eat food in their premises. They have to operate at 50% capacity. When dining, you will be at least 2 meters away from others! I am sure there are some that are going to love that!

  • Hotels are slowly reopening. Although we do not know who is staying in them! Hotel common areas can reopen, but with a 50% capacity limit.

  • Museums can reopen with a 50% capacity limit too.

  • Cinemas can reopen! Although we think you have probably seen everything that is out? Of course...they have to operate at a 50% capacity too.

Of course, as always, Teneweedfe has your back. Maybe you are feeling a little more comfortable and ready to leave the house? Come on down and hang out here. A safe, clean and friendly zone for you to do what you need to do to relax.

If you have any news, from anywhere in the world, get in touch by sending an email to We cannot wait to hear from you. Stay safe!

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