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‘Cali’ weed or ‘Crappy’ weed?

How much do you pay for a gram of ‘top shelf’?

In today’s society, many people are chasing that Cali weed. But are often surprised at the price - smokers may not realise however, the cost in £$€ is nothing in comparison to the price you will pay with your health, smoking most of this weed will cause.

Most cannabis comes from California and although there are certainly legal cultivators using organic or fully natural methods to cultivate, the fact is that most (around 90%) cultivation is still illegal and growers are found to often use banned chemicals or pesticides.

Many chemicals to help ripen flowers and to make buds look hard and more full of resin. And pesticides are used as a quick solution to get rid of rats, spiders, flys, mildew and all other pests that are attracted to cannabis.

The problem we face by subsequently using chemicals in the growing Cannabis market is 1, theses short cuts will have long term and ill effects on people consuming high levels of toxic chemicals, and 2, the nasty pesticides are killing random wildlife and the ground where the chemicals are used.

In the 1970’s the American food industry used a plethora of chemicals which were later mostly banned. why? Because scientists found GMO / PGR and Pesticides caused cancer!

So fast forward 50 years and we find these same chemicals are still used but in illegal cannabis cultivation. So if you ingest this crap it causes cancer, what would happen if we combust the flower and smoke the fumes??

Just like with Oreo, Coca Cola and McDonald’s; The American food market always seems to ensure harmful chemicals are being used across everything we consume! And in this unregulated market the type and quantity of chemicals used not only ruin our body when we consume cannabis but also ruins the earth where cannabis is grown.

So next time you go for that ‘Cali’ remember what weed is supposed to be about; freedom of the mind! Freedom from Babylonia! So why follow the herd and smoke cancer causing weed in fancy packaging, when smoking what know to be the latest strain is in-fact just cancerous fake weed.

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